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                                         Spirit (God) to spirit (you)








Be all that God intended for you to be; live the life that God desires

for you, and take the power that you are privileged to receive in

Christ and use it for the benefit of His Kingdom.


Learn how to live with supernatural, heavenly power in today's

natural  world and make a dynamic difference in your life and the

lives of those around you. If this is your desire, read further the trinity

of God, the trinity of Man, and the trinity of the Kingdom of Heaven,

so that you may refresh your understanding of the what's and why's

in God's masterful creation and how it all is for and about you. You 

are on His mind continuously and all the Father wants is good things 

for His child.


Knowledge is power and there is no greater power than the Kingdom's supernatural power. With the understanding, acceptance, and application of God's Word, you will experience positive affluences in your life, right now. Your desire to learn and live with the promises and power that God has provided is especially beneficial to you, your loved ones, and those you come in contact with on a daily basis. God guarantees it!


As it was in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, so should our relationship be the same with God, today and forever. It truly is all about living a spirit life!


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