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You have a Jesus. We've all sung the song, but what about the friend that Jesus shares with you? The One who will give you wisdom, strength, and power; the One who will always be with you protecting and providing for your needs; the One who will never leave you alone. What about this friend? Jesus first introduced Him to His disciples as the Comforter, but we know Him more appropriately as the Holy Spirit.


Having a friend who is always with you every hour of every day without fail, providing for your daily requirements, looking out for your best interest, and who brings wonderful things into your life is unimaginably awesome. Unfortunately, so very few people today have such a friend even though He is readily available to them. The introduction has been made, but you have to accept Him as your new best friend.


Your life will never be as wondrous as it should be if you don't have the Holy Spirit with you, or more accurately spoken, within your heart. Splendidness along with supernatural power are merely a prayer away, but are you willing to render yourself to a spirit, the Holy Spirit of God?


Health and wellness are easily obtainable when we have the Holy Spirit because He is the One who provides it. Freedom from emotional and physical addictions are possible through the Holy Spirit, and prosperity is your destiny when the Holy Spirit guides your ways. In this earthen life, it just doesn't get any better than having a best friend who has ownership of the mansion in the sky, the Kingdom of Heaven! A friend who invites you inside and shares all the treasures.


If you want a new BFF, the very best choice you can make is not the person you went to school with or work alongside, but rather the third-person of the trinity of God. He has supernatural power and is ready, able, and so very willing to provide it right now in your life. 


Call on Him and invite the Holy Spirit into your life and watch the magnificent transformation occur in your daily circumstances. Example: God, my Father in Heaven, I accept your gift of the Holy Ghost and ask that He be quickened in my life to guide my ways. He will be my fortress and in Him will I rely upon. Thank you, Father, Amen. It truly is this simple; you are but a prayer away from a life-altering experience.


This is the beginning of a new life in Christ with the best friend He has given you, and your dependence should be through His abilities and not your own. Study the instructions (scriptures) of God, live by the example (teachings) of Christ, and trust in this most precious gift given to you, the Holy Spirit. This decision carries a lifetime warranty.



Friends in Christ
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