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      Steps to the Spirit Life 






1)   Want it! Make the choice to live your birthright.


2)   Christ comes to you and gives you a birth into the Kingdom of Heaven.


3)   God gives you a gift, the Holy Spirit, your personal teacher, protector, and confidant.


4)   Awaken or quicken the Holy Spirit. Easily done through a prayer: Father, thank you for the gift

       of the Holy Ghost. I ask that He be awakened within me to guide my ways.


5)   Study God's Word and the Holy Spirit will decipher the Scriptures to your understanding. The more you learn, the            more mature you become in knowledge and wisdom, and thus, much more is revealed to you. It is a continual                        learning process, so think of it as being in a classroom and your study material is God's Word, and your                                      instructor is the Holy Spirit.


6)   Understand that you are a new person and your life is now governed by the Fruit of the Spirit. These are the                             requirements of how to conduct yourself at all times.


7)   You are living by the principles of the Kingdom. Though you remain in the physical and live in a natural                                         world, your thoughts, actions, and deeds are determined in the spirit realm.


8)   Maturing in the Father's Word will enable you to learn and fulfill His plan for your life, your destiny.


9)   You should be ready in wisdom and prepared to ask for specific gifts from the Holy Spirit. If He deems you are                      mature in your knowledge of God's Word to handle the supernatural gifts, He will grant them to you. But note, the            Holy Spirit will also monitor your use as heavenly power is within your ability. He will instruct you when to apply                   your gifts. Review the nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit.


10)  Live a full life with much love, laughter, and happiness, for it is the Father's desire for you today and forever. Your                heavenly Father wants you to prosper in all matters of life.








                                                                          Quick Guide



                                      1)  Be born into the Kingdom of Heaven (spiritual birth in Christ)

                                      2)  Quicken (baptism) the Holy Spirit

                                      3)  Learn the trinities: God, Man, Kingdom

                                      4)  Learn the Kingdom precepts (laws)

                                      5)  Live by the Fruits of the Spirit (behavior/conduct guidelines)

                                      6)  Understand purpose and role of Christ

                                      7)  Understand purpose and role of the Holy Spirit

                                      8)  Understand the gifts of the Trinity of God

                                      9)  Remove obstacles, strongholds, curses (blocks to receiving)

                                    10)  Learn God's destiny/purpose for your life

                                    11)  Live with the gifts and dunamis power given in the Holy Spirit

                                    12)  Live in the Kingdom of Heaven, spiritually




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