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                                 The Gifted Life



















When you hear the phrase, The Good Life, it probably conjures ideas of a happy lifestyle; good things. After all, this is exactly what the phrase implies; not too much imagination required to come to this conclusion. We relate the good life to accumulating posessions that make us content with our lifestyles. Usually, these are acquisitions we have collected through effort and are proud of our accomplishments. Whether we are satisfied with our career choice, our retirement years, or have simply been born into a life of luxury, we take pride to categorize ourselves with having a good life.


However, what if we take the same idea and apply it strictly to the spiritual aspect of man's life; the invisible component to the personage of body, soul, and spirit. The good life is specifically defined to the physical or body of man, but what about the spirit of man? It is easy to accept the natural because we can feel and see it, but when we give attention to the spirit, we are taking into consideration an invisible part of our existence. It is jusy as real as the body and soul, but on a completely different plane, for there are varying expectations and rewards associated with man's spirit life.


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