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Spark Your Spirit is a God dependent ministry; meaning, our faith and

reliance in learning and living by God's Word comes strictly from the

Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, whom our heavenly Father gives as a gift to

each born-again believer. This website is dedicated to teaching about the

third person of the Trinity of God, the Holy Ghost. However, it is not with the exclusion of Christ, for He gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit to be our tutor, counselor, advocate, and propitiation within the Kingdom of Heaven.


The Holy Spirit has a vital role in our lives, if we allow His presence. In fact, He is so important, that none of the treasures within the storehouse of the Kingdom of Heaven come to us but through His provision. As Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father, and knowing that all things both in heaven and on earth have been given to the Son (Matthew 28:18); we can then understand that when we pray, we do so on the authority given in Christ. The Holy Spirit knows better how to submit our prayerful pleas before God (John 14:16). Remember, the Holy Spirit is our advocate given by the Father and authorized by the Son, for a relationship and communion with God.


Many are missing the precious promises from the Father simply because they do not know how to ask and receive. This is not a name it and claim it mentality, but rather a clarification for the purpose of God presenting Himself in the personages of the Trinity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, for each has a significant role in man's life. The information contained within this website is founded on a desire to express the importance of living with the Holy Spirit and experiencing His powerful gifts.

All things are possible in God (Matthew 19:26) and come to us on the authority given in Christ and provided through the Holy Spirit. We know that God is all three personages, and it is the Holy Spirit who dwells within our heart and teaches us all things of the Father and His Kingdom. Therefore, rightfully, focus is given to the Holy Spirit, for He tells us how to live by the Fruit of the Spirit and gives us supernatural gifts enabling each believer to live a spirit life in a natural/carnal world.


Our mission is to teach every born-again child of God how to live by the Spirit (Holy Spirit), for the Spirit (God), thru your spirit (Christ) within the Kingdom of Heaven. Learn how to live a spirit life, for it is truly out of this world!

Spirit Strong
God's Everlasting Love
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