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Those who have been born-again in the spirit by the Spirit of Christ, by the Lamb's work at Calvary, are now secured by the power of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, who is Jesus,

         and sits on the right hand of the Most High God until He returns for His own.

                         Spiritual Study





                     The materials referenced are available for individual and/or group studies, for the enhancement and                                 continual educational support in the study of God's Word. It is hoped that it will be insightful to those

                      with a desire to mature in their relationship with their heavenly Father.


                      Note: the book is available as a FREE download on the Publications page on the menu bar, or you may 

                      request a FREE hardcopy of both the book and the study guides by going to the Contact page and 

                      submitting your email request. 



Spirit Life
Spirit Living

Featured Study Guide for Everlasting Love, God's Greatest Gift focuses on the Kingdom of Heaven, the trinities of God, man, and the Kingdom. Also, 

the reason and role of Christ and the Holy Spirit in man's life.

Study of the Principles of Healing and Miracles, the strongholds or curses that block them, and how to overcome and receive a supernatural healing. It is God's desire that we be healed, for He never with-holds His greatness from His children.

Spirit Life

Syllabus of a small group study entitled Love+One. If you would like to obtain a copy of the notes and scriptures for the topics shown in the syllabus, please send an email request and indicate if you wish a pdf file or a hardcopy. 

(There is too much material to include on this website.)

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